Q: Do Medical Doctors actually make house calls?

A: Yes, a licensed medical doctor and an advanced nurse practitioner or physician assistant actually comes to your home.

Q: Do you have to be disabled or homebound to have HCMA come to you?

A: No, anyone can utilize and enjoy the benefits of an HCMA house call.

Q: Do I need a referral for a medical house call from my office based physician?

A: No, you can just pick up the phone and make an appointment directly with HCMA.

Q: What medical insurances does HCMA accept?

A: HCMA accepts Medicare, Medicare with supplemental insurance, Medicare with Medicaid, most private insurances, and provides discounts for uninsured patients.

Q: If I am sick and need to be seen right away, will the doctor come the same day?

A: We always do our best to accommodate the patient’s needs. Many times even if the doctor cannot come the same day, we can still provide triage and solve the problem so the patient can get the best care. We do not provide emergency visits. A true emergency should be handled through the emergency room.

Q: Does HCMA provide Emergency Medical Care?

A: No. If you are experiencing a true medical emergency, HCMA encourages all persons to pick up the phone and dial 911 as soon as possible.

Q: Can HCMA see patients in an assisted and/or non-assisted living facility?

A: HCMA can provide medical house calls in a patient’s private residence, group home, and/or assisted-living facility.

Q: Will I be seen by a medical doctor for my first visit?

A: Yes. HCMA takes pride in ensuring that every new patient visit is completed by a licensed practicing physician.

Q: What are our hours of operations?

A: Monday through Friday 9:00am -5:00pm EST. However a physician is on call 24/7 for non-emergent matters.

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