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Approachable, customized services designed with your comfort and need in mind. Whether you are looking for post-discharge care or comprehensive chronic disease management, our board certified physicians can assist you.

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The HCMA experience was designed with the patient and their family in mind. HCMA doctors are committed to listening to and learning about the patient, their medical history and healthcare needs. Combining this knowledge with a high-quality on site physical examination, HCMA doctors are able to create the best possible care plan, one that addresses the illness and works for the family.

You can expect to be included, consulted, supported and empowered in the care of your loved one.

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Mary Nwoke, Co-Founder

Dr. Mary Nwoke co-founded HomeCare Medicine of Atlanta, LLC in 2013 and serves as its Chief Happiness Officer. Often referred to as the “HappyDoc”, she dedicates her profession to bringing humanism to medicine. [...]

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