Virtual Visits With One Objective: Get You Well

HCMA provides you and your family with multiple innovative ways to access our doctors and your personalized care.

How We Help

HCMA has a commitment to patient-centered care and comprehensive communication. We are always looking for ways to provide you with medical access that is convenient for your life. Telemedicine is an alternative to standard doctor’s visits, using technology to bring patients and doctors together through phone or video appointments. HCMA can visit, diagnose and arrange for medicine and follow-up care without you ever having to step foot outside of your home. Yet another way, we bring high quality medical care to you.

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Mary Nwoke, Co-Founder

Dr. Mary Nwoke co-founded HomeCare Medicine of Atlanta, LLC in 2013 and serves as its Chief Happiness Officer. Often referred to as the “HappyDoc”, she dedicates her profession to bringing humanism to medicine. [...]

Dr. Nwoke Signature

Dr. DeAnn Bing, Co-Founder

In 2013, Dr. Bing co-founded HomeCare Medicine of Atlanta with the vision of serving the senior population in their homes, “to bridge the gap by providing accessible care for patients and for their families.” [...]

Dr. Bing Signature

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